This campaign is just for fun, and to teach the aspects of the game. We’ll play with all the standard rules and settings. Nothing TOO fancy. We’re all old guys w/ responsibilities, so if everyone is posting except for one guy, then we all have to wait. Thats NOT a bad thing. That is the benefit of the play by post.

The world in which you’ll be operating is under an oppressive king. He, and by association his royal guard, do not take kindly to strangers. I’m willing to be open minded about characters, however if you role yourself a character that would startle and make little children scream in the streets, just as a warning, you may have the royal guard come down on your heads. If you do, you’ll want to make sure you’re REALLY good at talking your way out of encounters OFTEN (no guarantees).

Other than that, do what ever you want w/ in 4E regulations for character building. You’ll be starting at level 11. Please use point system for ability scores.

UPDATE: I want to see a backstory that indicates why you’re travelling to Perlic. The circumstances of your arrival will depend on that backstory, which will take us into the 1st encounter.

Mad King Janus

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