Mad King Janus


Papers please

You are each seated at a booth with a clerk. This is your application interview. You are asked to present your case as to why you have come to Perlic and feel you will be a value to the community.

Also list all magical weapons with details as to their effects.

To input your entry, add it as a comment, and I can copy/paste your interactions w/ the NPC’s.

Jukka looks nervously around. “You will take good care of horse, yes? He will be returned after we talk? Okay, good. Everything I see so far is very orderly, like a machine, so I will trust you.”

“I am here to see this country, and to learn its songs and poems! I have done this in many countries, but for the last few I have traveled in I have heard great things about Perlic. I can act as an entertainer, and also if need I can act as a scribe and teacher, as well. "

“Weapons? I have a bow I use for hunting, mostly because it makes wonderful music when I use it. I even have an act where I shoot targets and play a song at the same time. Well, I also have my puukko, but that is really more of a tool. The instrument? No, it is not a weapon, but it is wonderful for calming people down… I found it once and played a song that put people to sleep during the Siege of… oh, well no matter, that was a long ways away.”

“I can go now, yes? Where can I find my horse?”

The clerk scribbles some notes as the bard talks. He looks over his half moon glasses and says “Glad to see a man of an honest trade coming into the city. I swear all I’ve seen today is rif-raff looking for hand-outs.” The clerk openned a small box on his desk, pulled out a purple candle and what looked to be a signet ring. Melting Wax onto the document on the desk, he then pressed the ring into wax leaving the impression of the letter “B”.

Blowing on the wax to help it cool, he said “Go into 3rd line from the right, that is the expedited processing line. Hand them this document, and you shouldn’t be more than an hour. I look forward to hearing you play, do you know of any specific inn you’ll be playing at tonight?”

Atoll sat in front of the desk uncomfortably. He was used to dealing with his tribe and Jonas, the reeve who collected their tribute. Strangers were rare. Standing in line with so many strange people had been tough, but this was worse, he actually had to talk to this stranger.

“What brings a shifter to the city?” the guard asked him.

“I am umm here to visit my sister,” Atoll responded trying to keep his gaze steady as he looked at the guard.

“And how long do you intend to stay?” the guard asked mechanically.

“A few days I think. Maybe as much as week.”

The guard jotted the information down. “And will you be staying with your sister or in an inn?”

“An inn, I suppose. I don’t get along well with her… husband. Well worth paying to avoid him more,” Atoll tried a grin, but the guard hardly looked up from the desk.

“Any magical items to declare?” the guard droned on.

“Well, I have my glaive I use for hunting or fighting off wild beasts. It can provide a shock. My armor has been enchanted to better ward off their attacks. My cleats help me maneuver the animals so that we can more easily catch them. I have an amulet, a gift from my mother, to protect against venomous stings and bites. My helmet helps me see when best to strike a fleeing animal. I have gloves to help pierce thick hides, and my belt keeps me solid and strong for long hunts.”

Atoll paused. “Oh, and I have a Sun Globe to light my journey when it gets dark.”

For the first time the guard looked up from his paperwork and saw the shifter for what he was. He glanced the man over from head to toe, clearly trying to determine just how dangerous of a character he would be. He raises his eyebrow for a moment [Pratt wins the diplomacy check], then shrugs it off. “Beasts or brutes, just don’t spill any blood in the city, or else I’ll have even more paperwork to do on a daily basis.”

Sighing, he opens his lecturne, and pulls out a red candle and a signet ring. Melting wax onto the document, he presses a letter “C” into the designated area. “Fill out this inventory sheet and background paperwork. We’ll want information on who your sister is as well. Then take this to the 2nd line from the left and be glad I’m not having you searched by Schiff over there” he said, nodding to the heavyset Human doing his best to look ominous.

Zealot sits erect in the booth, staring with pale green eyes straight at the man in front of him.
“I have been sent by the elders of my order to commune with my fellow brothers and sisters who commune with Ioun. I will be staying with them while in the city. My brethren bestowed this war pick upon me so that I might defend myself against marauders on my journey here. As for magical items, I carry only the symbol of Ioun etched into my forehead, and an everburning torch to light my way as I travel at night.”

The guard acrossed the desk shuffled papers around, “oh my, yes… well… (oh why did i get one of these my 1st week?) we’ll just need to have you fill out form F to… um… (what am I supposed to even DO with this?!)” He continued muttering to himself while the servant of Ioun patiently waited.

The small man eventually stood up from his desk and seemed to be waving to somebody. After a moment another man joined them. “Ah yes, I see the trouble. Just have him fill out the standard form and mark it as a special considerations case.”

The form the construct was eventually handed was stamped with an “F” in wax, and was told he needed to be searched thoroughly by the guards before being allowed in.


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